Brandywine Hills Point-to-Point

Brandywine Hills Point-to-Point

Close to the Edge

Close to the Edge

Spring Snow





Morning after the Dance

We left Snæfellnes at 9 this morning. It’s been overcast until now and it’s almost 6 pm. The skies have cleared as we’ve come close to The glacial lagoon. The glacier that surrounds it is bathed in that warm afternoon light, like the first light I saw here almost 7 years ago.

I’m hoping for another chance at the northern lights tonight. I’m hoping I can make an image that’s different. That isn’t a postcard. Something as unique as the land around me.





Light Show


The skies cleared and we were lucky enough to get a light show from Mother Nature!

Up in the Air!




Raganar offering encouragement

Raganar offering encouragement

The weather has been tough the past two days. The heavy cloud cover offers little light for us to work with. And the winds challenge even the steadiest of hands. Keeping cameras dry and lenses clean is almost impossible. In spite of it all we are encouraged by a great team of leaders, John Paul Caponigro, Ragnar Th.Sigurdsson, Seth Resnick and Einar Erlendsson. Really wonderful people. We are certainly serious about our work. But We do have a great deal of fun as well!!

Second Day of Rain


Rain again this morning. The winds of yesterday continue to a great extent. Last evening winds of 125 mph were measured, and with those winds came volcanic ash blown down from the highlands. The white snow that hasn’t melted away has been turned greyish by the ash.

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