Winterthur Point to Point 2013

My 31st year of photographing at Winterthur Museum’s Point to Point Races.











For more information about the races please visit:

One thought on “Winterthur Point to Point 2013

  1. There’s No one like you, at Winterthur Point to Point and beyond! I wasn’t there this year but I got to see all the carriages going ( at rt 100 and Centre meeting about 12:00. This was planned on my part. Then again,quite unexpectedly, close to 4:00 pm I had a front row seat in my convertible as they all came across Smith Bridge. Soooo awesome watching each carriage emerge from the bridge. I felt transported back in time, indeed. I waved and smilled in a manner so congruent with the level of gratitude and inspiration I felt. Every carriage waved and smiled back at me, so graciously and enthusiastically. It was one of those moments in time, that, in the savoring, is extended beyond the moment and it was such a gift.

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